Call for new board members


As many of you may be aware Children and Youth International (CYI) is the legal entity that holds funds on behalf of the MGCY (to pay for youth blasts etc..) and sign MoUs on behalf of MGCY. It is a registered charity in the United Kingdom. All MGCY members are automatically members of CYI and eligible to participate in it’s Annual General Meetings.

A number of members of the board trustees (Chris and I amongst them) will be stepping down at this year and it is time to find replacements. Trustees are those who are legally responsible for managing CYI, they sit on the board of CYI. The new trustees will be elected at the CYI AGM for which an email will go out shortly.

To be eligible we are asking for experienced members of the MGCY to apply (2 years of membership). Experience with managing not for profit organisations and/or grant writing is required. Those who are selected as trustees automatically become ineligible to receive any MGCY funding to remove conflict of interest.

Full details on the roles and responsibilities of the board of trustees of CYI can be found in the statutes attached.

To apply please send the following to CC’ing by December 12th.

•C.V. including home address, nationality and MGCY experience.
•Covering letter (Maximum 1 page).

Chris and I will check for eligibility and circulate a list of eligible trustees ahead of the AGM.

To fulfil UK charity commission requirements one selected will need a UK address (Not necessarily citizenship) to replace Mike as he is currently named as a signatory on the bank account. The remaining roles are open to any nationality.

Any questions feel free to get in touch.


Mike & Chris,
(Two soon to be ex-board members)

UK Constitution of Children and Youth International(revJune2015)

See the current trustees here

Participation Guide for young People in the Post2015 process

Post 2015 Participaiton Guide-coverWe have published through the UN Major Group of Children and Youth the latest participation guide for young people ahead of the Post-2015 Summit. If you want to get involved in the negotiations and the ongoing process then please read this and get involved.

Click here to read the guide and get involved.

We hope to get more languages produced in the coming weeks and months.

UN Contract Deliverables – May Update

As part of our work with the UN we have agreed a set of delervables to supporting young people in particpation in the UN dicussions.

The Deleveriables are divided into two contrats and we report monthly as to how this has been fuffiled.

Contract 1

Contract 2 is managed by the nominated Organising Partner to the UN of CYI, Aashish Khular  and can be contacted at

Deliverable 1- Here Document

Contract 2

Contract 2 is managed by the Chairperson of CYI, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, and can be contacted at

Deliverable 2- Here- Annex 1- Here


Annual General Meeting

Rio+twenties: the legal and fundraising body of the UN Major Group of Children and Youth

Invitation to the Annual General Meeting

We cordially invite you as according to the Status of “Rio+twenties vzw” to attend the Annual General Meeting of the organisation.

The meeting will take place simultaneously in online in Brussels, Belgium and Colombo, Sri Lanka on the 10th May 2014 at 09:30 – 11:30 Colombo Time.

The Location will be the BMICH, Colombo during the World Conference of Youth, online and in Brussels at the Headquarters/online.

Confirmation of attendance should be completed on the following form: s3ZA-pCXXQbxZ90Np3jg/viewform

Papers will be circulated to registered attendees before the meeting.

Draft Agenda

Colombo, Sri Lanka on the 10th May 2014 at 09:30 – 11:30 Colombo Time.

1) Approve the Annual Account 2013 2) Approve the Work Plan 3) Approve the Budget 2014 4) Appoint the Trustees/Directors (nominations to be received before hand by

members) 5) Take Following amendments

a) Change the name of the foundation to “Children and Youth International”

b) Change the membership to be made up of the following categories and their respective votes to be shared equally: – 1/3 votes held by – “ Youth Organisations” – Legal entities and

organisations active in Sustainable Development negotiations at the United Nations within the last 12 months and with decision making bodies controlled by young people who are under 35 years of age; and

– 1/3 votes held by – “Invited Youth” – Invited active youth (under 35 years old) who have proven track record with Sustainable Development negotiations and the UN Major Group of Children and Youth who are invited from time to time to become members by the board; and – 1/3 votes held by “Organising Partners” – Elected Organising

Partners of the Major Group Children and Youth or another Youth Constancy recognised by the United Nations, elected for two years who are under 30 years of age.

c) Change the Purpose and Activities to read:

Children and Youth International” is the is the legally registered financial institutional support for the UN Major Group Children and Youth Its aim is to enable fundraising, capacity building and empowerment of young people so that they can participate in negotiations relations to Sustainable Development in particular but not exclusively for process relating to the outcomes of Rio+20, the High Level Political Forum, the Millennium Development Goals and their successors, Disaster Risk Reduction, Small Island Developing States, Consumpation and Production Patterns and other negations from time to time that the board believe is relevant.

To achieve these goals, the non-profit can execute at any time all activities that contribute directly or indirectly to the achievement of the purpose of the non-profit. This includes ancillary commercial and profitable businesses within the boundaries of what is legal and of which the proceeding will be fully geared towards achieving the purpose of the non-profit.

The association pursues these goals, regardless of any political party, trade union and is not tied to a particular philosophical or religious belief.

d) Change the registered address and headquarters to:

Children and Youth International care of: European Youth Forum, Rue Joseph II 120, B-1000, Brussels,


Confirmation of attendance should be completed on the following form: s3ZA-pCXXQbxZ90Np3jg/viewform

Documents can be downloaded here:

Participation Guide

Rio+20 Participation Guide

Efficiently getting involved and influencing political processes at international level can be a daunting task. The Rio+twenties-team has developed a participation guide to make the whole process understandable, giving you the tools to effectively get involved.The guide offers specific information for youth, identifies ways to make a real difference and shares a lot of best practices, tips and tricks and existing examples on youth activism.

Our participation guide is available in the following languages:

Chinese Web quality Print quality
English Web quality Print quality
Portuguese Web quality Print quality
Russian Web quality Print quality
Spanish Web quality Print quality
Serbian Web quality

(to read the Participation Guide on you computer, download in “web quality”. If you plan to print it, download in “print quality” (8.5 mb)) 

Alternatively you can start reading the participation guide directly from this page (in English):

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